Link Editions announces “Open”, a series of co-published books


Link Editions is proud to announce “Open”, a series of catalogues, essay collections and pamphlets co-published with partner institutions. The series makes available to art institutions that are interested in publishing but aren't able to find a sustainable production and distribution channel access to Link Editions' publishing expertise and distribution platform, allowing them to reach a wider audience at a viable price.

Link Editions publishes all its books in print on demand, accessing all the channels of distribution made available from the Lulu store <> as well as retail distribution on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Ingram and other stores. Furthermore, Link Editions makes all its books available for free download in .pdf format on Lulu, Issuu and on its own website <>, and sells selected books in e-book format on various online platforms including Lulu, iBookstore Apple, Amazon, Nook and Kobo.

“Open” already features a number of titles, including Best of Rhizome 2012 (co-published with Rhizome, New York), The F.A.T. Manual (co-published with MU, Eindhoven), Troika and the exhibition catalogue Eternal September. The Rise of Amateur Culture, both co-published with Aksioma, Ljubljana. Recent publications include Torque#1. Mind, Language and Technology, co-published with Torque Editions; U+29DC aka Documento Continuo, co-published with Viafarini DOCVA, Milan; and Cyposium – The Book, co-published with La Panacée, Montpellier.

Torque#1. Mind, Language and Technology is the result of a wide range of cross-disciplinary conversations, taking place across symposia, online forums, live events and workshops, produced by the book’s editors: Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner. The book brings together a diverse collection of essays and artworks, many newly commissioned for the project, that reflect upon the plasticity of the brain, the adaptability of technology and the malleability of language, and their twisting together through past, present and future cultures. According to Professor Mike Stubbs, Artistic Director at FACT Liverpool: “Torque activities and this publication bravely push our boundaries of cognition and thinking, through striking essays, tricky concepts, and beautiful, arresting imagery.” Contributors include Lambros Malafouris, Emil Alzamora, Anna Munster, Benedict Drew, Esther Leslie, Cécile B Evans, Hannah Proctor, Nathan Jones, Stephen Fortune, Dennis Oppenheim, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Holly Pester, Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Kate Sicchio, Karl Heinz Jeron, Mez Breeze, Robert Sheppard, Chris Boyd, Imogen Stidworthy. The book will be presented at FACT Liverpool on the occasion of the opening of the Type Motion <> exhibition on Thurdsay, November 13.

U+29DC aka Documento Continuo by artist Enrico Boccioletti is an artist book and a research into that contemporary zeitgeist that has been labeled “post internet”. Originally conceived as a MA thesis, Documento Continuo is a textual and visual collage strongly relying on appropriation as the only possible way to draw your own path through the information overload. Written in Italian but mostly in “International Art English”, it focuses on issues like awareness, creolization, the crisis of the European Union, dematerialization and materiality, globalization, performance, identity, FOMO, and how to be an artist in the age of “always on”. The book will be presented at Viafarini DOCVA on Thurdsay, November 13, with a special event that will also include a live performance by the artist.

Edited by Annie Abrahams and Helen Varley Jamieson, CyPosium - The Book presents a selection of artefacts from the CyPosium, a one-day online symposium organized in October 2012 for discussing the practice of cyberformance - live performance that uses internet technologies to connect remote participants. The 12-hour event featured 10 presentations and attracted an audience of over 100 from around the world who engaged in a lively, vibrant conversation. The book collects presentation texts, chat log excerpts, discussion transcripts, edited email conversations, creative chat excerpt essays and illustrations - along with invited articles that respond to the event. The contributors are Adriene Jenik, Alan Sondheim, Alberto Vazquez, Annie Abrahams, Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, Cherry Truluck, Clara Gomes, Helen Varley Jamieson, James Cunningham, Joseph DeLappe, Liz Bryce, Maria Chatzichristodoulou, Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič, Miljana Perić, Rob Myers, Roger Mills, Ruth Catlow, Stephen A. Schrum and Suzon Fuks.

Other books are on the way and will be available soon on all channels. If you are interested in the series or just want to know more, please drop us an email to [email protected].