future potentials for ascii art

i forgot to post this here, but am doing it now… i thought that maybe some of you would be interested. this is a web release of a paper that anders carlsson (goto80) and i wrote a little over a year ago. there is other info about the paper and its publication on the page.

Future Potentials For ASCII Art : http://chipflip.org/06

ASCII art is a text-based expression that traditionally is concerned with remediating images, words and objects. The paper describes its historical connections to poetry, programming, literature and hacking and defines ASCII art as a genre, consisting of several categories. The authors identify a number of movements towards novel forms of ASCII art that explore medium specific characteristics for drawing, design, advertising and conceptual art. The authors also argue that the popularity of digital media, which for example leads to scarcity in URLs, increases the potential for ASCII art to play a more active