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LINK Editions: 9 months, 8 books

The LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age is proud to announce, in collaboration with the iMAL Centre for Digital Cultures & Technologies (Bruxelles), the re-publication of the exhibition catalogue Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age (2008). The show, curated by Yves Bernard and Domenico Quaranta, is a groundbreaking contribution to the ongoing debate on the materialization of new media art and on its presence and positioning in the wider field of contemporary art. The rare book is now available for buying on the print-on-demand website, and for free download in .pdf format.

With this book, LINK Editions published 8 books in less than 9 months along 2011. The innovative editorial project embraces the print on demand philosophy, thus keeping production costs and waste of paper to a minimum and circulating its publications on the web. LINK Editions will use the print on demand approach to create an accessible, dynamic series of essays and pamphlets, but also tutorials, study notes and conference proceedings connected to its educational activities. A keen advocate of the idea that information wants to be free, LINK Editions releases its contents free of charge in digital format (.pdf, .ePub, .mobi), and on paper at a price accessible to all. To our authors, we offer our editorial and publishing experience, and the access to the distribution system ( and in the frame of an editorial series of increasing interest. To our readers, we offer our contents, as a gift for those who can't, or don't want, to buy them.

So far, LINK Editions produced three editorial series: “Clouds”, featuring essays on visual arts, architecture, design, media and technologies; “In My Computer”, inviting artists to collect and share texts, projects, notes, sketches, interviews stored in their computer, in order to enlighten their art practice and their view of the world; and catalogues, monographs or exhibition catalogues related to the curatorial activity of the LINK Center or commissioned by other institutions. Together with Holy Fire, catalogues include Gazira Babeli, the first and only monograph on the most important artistic identity emerged from virtual worlds; and Collect the WWWorld, the catalogue of the first exhibition produced by the LINK Center. The series “In My Computer” has been launched with a collection of texts by Miltos Manetas, a sharp writer as well as an artist and founder of the Internet Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. “Clouds” featured so far a collection of texts by Domenico Quaranta; Random, by art critic Valentina Tanni, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the magazine that first introduced new media art in the Italian art world; Post Internet, by critic Gene McHugh, and Peer Pressure, by artist and critic Brad Troemel, who with a very different style and approach analyze the most recent developments of net art and internet culture.

Our catalogue:

Yves Bernard, Domenico Quaranta (eds.), Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. Soft cover, 130 pp, English / French, € 38.00, ISBN 978-1-4709-3874-1

Domenico Quaranta (ed.), Gazira Babeli, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. With texts by Mario Gerosa, Patrick Lichty, Alan Sondheim. Soft cover, 92 pp, English, € 28.00, ISBN 978-1-4709-0843-0

Brad Troemel, Peer Pressure, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. Preface by Eva and Franco Mattes aka Soft cover, 138 pp, English, € 12.00, ISBN 978-1-4709-1561-2

Gene McHugh, Post Internet, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. Soft cover, 274 pp., English, € 14.00, ISBN 978-1-4478-0389-8

Domenico Quaranta (ed.), Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age, exhibition catalogue, LINK Editions 2011. Texts by Josephine Bosma, Gene McHugh, Joanne McNeil. Soft cover, 160 pp. Color: ISBN 978-1-4478-3949-1, € 36.00; B/W: ISBN 978-1-4709-0161-5, € 14.00

Valentina Tanni, Random, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. Soft cover, 114 pages, Italian / English, € 12.00, ISBN: 978-1-4477-1182-7

Miltos Manetas, In My Computer, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. Soft cover, 102 pp, English, € 12.00, ISBN: 978-1-4477-1939-7

Domenico Quaranta, In Your Computer, LINK Editions, Brescia 2011. Soft cover, 180 pp, English, € 12.00, ISBN: 978-1-4467-6021-5

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