Angry Women / Men

About anger, groupdynamics, remote communication and group dynamics.

From home, in front of their webcams, 2 x 12 women say their anger until there will be no more anger left. Their images are combined into two video projections. The women will continue as long as there will be anger or thoughts about anger left in one of them.
They will all start together using their mothertongue at t=0. They will stop, listen to others, resume …
The performance duration is undetermined - the performance will last till there will be one minute of total silence.
The captured videos will be presented from 28/10/2011 - 01/01/2012 in two video projections on two perpendicular walls during Annie Abrahams's show Training for a Better World at the CRAC in Sète.

More information (videos on preparing, waiting, adjusting and joy afterwards)

With Albertine Meunier, Anne Laforet, Annie Abrahams, Antye Greie, Bérénice Belpaire, Caroline Delieutraz, Cécile Babiole, Hedva Eltanani, Helen Varley Jamieson, Hortense Gauthier,Ienke Kastelein, Inès Kchaou, Julie Chateauvert, KaReN, Laurence Moletta, Laurie Bellanca, Lizvlx, Lucille Calmel, Martina Ruhsam, Nathalie Magnan, Olga P Massanet, Olga Kisseleva, Pascale Barret, Paula Roush, Sabine Revillet, Sandra Bébié Valérian, Simona Polvani, Suzon Fuks and Ursula Endlicher.


, Annie Abrahams

"The jewel in the crown of the show is the video installation ‘Angry
Women’,  created by Abrahams and 22 other women of many nationalities
(3 more , in fact, in total, 2 “backstage” assistants, and a performer
who opted for silence throughout) speaking about, acting out,
demonstrating, reflecting upon, their anger and its causes and
triggers,on webcams at their different individual locations and in their
native tongues, with the images being sent to a 3X4 grid, in a format
that Abrahams has made her own." Michael Szpakowski in a review of my show Training for a Better World published on dvblog

There you can also find two short extracts of the two Angry Women videos included in the installation.

, Annie Abrahams

Performance Angry Men November 17th 6PM Labomedia Orléans France