Electronic Village Galleries

Electronic Village Galleries
Friday 6th May @ 6.00 – 9.00pm
Village Hall, Zennor TR26 3BT, Cornwall, UK
Free event………
Electronic Village Galleries Zennor
an event showing a collection of new media art videos. The evening will
be hosted by Andy Whall and includes a discussion with Michael
Szpakowski. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the artwork, food,
wine and discussion.
The DVblog Collection
is curated by Michael Szpakowski and Doron Golan and it includes works
by nationally and internationally known artists: Martha Deed, Millie
Niss, Steven Ball, Nathaniel Stern, Giles Perkins, Kerry Baldry, Robert
Croma, Rupert Howe, Jim Punk, Donna Kuhn, Morrisa Maltz, Sam Renseiw,
Liz Sterry, Eddie Whelan, Alan Sondheim.
Discuss Online.…….
by Verina Gfader on a few of the artworks being shown at the event are
featured on the Electronic Village Galleries Website
Many of the
artworks featured at the event are viewable online.  You can post your
thoughts and interpretation of the works on the Electronic Village
Galleries Website http://evg.dematerial.org

Come and Have Your Say……..
POPULI : Vidocumentation by Delpha Hudson will be through ‘vox pop’
interviews, negotiated with the public at the event, through dialogue.
 Audiences will be asked which digital work they most like or dislike,
and why. Drawing on the idea of 'found’ sound or footage, the vox pop
interviews will not be controlled or edited by post-production
processes,  just placed on the web.
Have a look at what's on and come along if you can!
Electronic Village Galleries Zennor
is part of a pilot project devised by Kate Southworth at University
College Falmouth which is supported by Arts Council England.  Electronic
Village Galleries aims to develop a distributed platform that supports
artists to host new media art events in their local village or town
hall, and which links together local art communities in Cornwall and the
South West of England with network and new media art and its global
communities. It’s an experiment, so please join in and help to shape it!
Forthcoming  Events:
Electronic Village Galleries: Liskeard Public Hall – Friday May 20th