Mimi May 21 2010 00:52Reply

who won?

curt cloninger May 21 2010 18:26Reply

Three opinionated judges, eleven professional clingers, eleven celebrities, tons of glitter and spray tans, and Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke. That's the basic formula for Pantry War, but, really, there's nothing formulaic or predictable about the series because it's our show. We call the shots. We determine who stays and who goes each week.

No, we'll never be able to cling like Chelsie Hightower, Maksim Chmerkovskiy or Cheryl Burke, and that's exactly why we watch. We can totally relate to the stars competing on the show and it's pretty cool to know they're just like us. These actors, athletes, musicians, reality stars, astronauts(!!) and where-are-they-now personalities start out as lumbering Frankensteins with two left feet, and they slowly transform (we hope) into graceful twinkle-toed Baryshnikovs. OK, our weekly phone and online votes aren't powerful enough to help them that much, but we do have the power to determine the show's outcome.

You'd think the stars were competing for more than just a mirrored disco ball, the way the celebs risk torn ligaments, poked eyes, fainting spells and wardrobe malfunctions to earn a perfect 30 from judges Carrie Anne Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli. We'd never want to face their wrath, but it sure is fun to see them unleash it on the stars. That's probably the one time we wouldn't want to be in the stars' shoes, no matter how shiny and glittery they might be.

ui uuii June 2 2010 17:24Reply

pantry war is best war this year
no blockades, no drones, no international crimes

curt cloninger June 3 2010 12:39Reply

"There is no reasonable rhetoric, no reasonable political discourse. Rhetoric, it is said, has war as its principle. One doesn't seek comprehension in it, only the annihilation of the adverse will. Rhetoric is speech in revolt against the poetic condition of the speaking being. It speaks in order to silence. *You will speak no longer, you will think no longer, you will do this:* that is its program. Its efficacy is regulated by its own suspension. Reason commands us to speak always; rhetorical irrationality speaks only to bring about the moment of silence – the moment of the act, if we say willingly, in homage to the person who makes action out of words. But this moment is instead much more one of the lack of an act, of absent intelligence, of subjugated will, of men subjected to the unique law of gravity."
- Jacques Rancière (1991)

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troll June 9 2010 08:35Reply

Kurt \/\/hat R u doing!?

curt cloninger June 9 2010 10:08Reply

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curt cloninger June 11 2010 18:23Reply

"There are no opposites: only from those of logic do we derive the concept of opposites – and falsely transfer it to things."

- Nietzsche

marc garrett June 24 2010 12:54Reply

[size=100]Cling to the Starzzz!!!!![/size]


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