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"the web began as an expression of individual but became reflection of the collective"
I'm not really happy with the term "reflection of the collective", but I think it gets the idea across.
I don't look at the Rhizome main page often. I hardly ever visit blogs. So the change has gone beyond web 2.0.
I always check my facebook account where I can see Galloway's updates, Brads new posts, Steve's rants, Palls updates, Marc's new projects (btw furtherfield has become my new grail) and dozens of other former rhizome members.
I don't envy the new content admins, Ceci and Tom, but maybe things have moved on and discussion which was once the mainstay of this little universe has moved with it.
Good luck kids, I don't envy you


, curt cloninger

http://rhizome.org/discuss/ and http://www.bookofcommonprayer.net/daily_office.php are the only web pages I ever visit, and I surf them via Lynx running in a mac command line Terminal window using an audible screen reader for the blind. Other times I simply pray the Book of Common Prayer from rote memory and intuit what will be posted at Rhizome based on an emergent formula perpetually derived from the unpublished writings of various second rate continental philosophers, college students, conceptual artists intimate with Cosey Fanni Tutti, and the spirit of Roky Erickson circa 1971. I post via binary telekinesis. Look in my eye.

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