Tabor Robak - Heaven - Internet Archaeology (2009)

Guest Galleries feature works by artists made specifically for Internet Archaeology. These works are inspired by, speak to, or use elements of an earlier internet. The purpose of the Guest Galleries is to create a dialogue between old and new; enforcing the belief that digital artifacts should be preserved and showcased for their cultural, historical and aesthetic value. I am proud to present Tabor Robak's piece, Heaven.

Tabor Robak is a New Media artist based in Portland Oregon. His vivid and futuristic style draws inspiration from the attitudes and aesthetics of the past. Robak's work is both playful and spiritual; exploring the relationship between the medium and its intangible message. In his piece Heaven, he blends new and old graphic elements to create a celestial moving landscape, and an experience for the viewer. The work can be viewed as a virtual depiction of heaven in its traditional soteriological sense, yet also as a heaven for yesterdays graphics.

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Ryder Ripps
Director, Developer, Curator
Internet Archaeology