Cultural_Capital ISEA2009 2nd Update

Cultural_Capital is a touring artwork by Kate Southworth and Patrick Simons (glorious ninth) that gives attention to the role of curator as carer, and which accumulates bacteria and cultural capital from every venue in which it is installed.

During August 2009 Cultural Capital is part of ISEA2009 The Exhibition curated by Kathy Rae Huffman
The Exhibition is an extended part of ISEA2009, the 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art, which will take place from 23 August to 1 September 2009 on the island of Ireland.

From Sunday 2nd August 2009 curator Kathy Rae Huffman cared for the sour dough starter during the installation week for the ISEA2009 exhibitions in Belfast.
On Saturday 8th August after the gallery walk-through at Ormeau Baths Gallery she divided and distributed the starter; passing one portion on to Peter Richards, Golden Thread Gallery.

From Saturday 8th August Peter Richards, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast is caring for the sour dough starter. He will distribute it at the opening of Redmond Entwistle’s exhibition ‘Red Light’ on Thursday 13th August; passing one portion to Monica Nunez curator at Belfast Exposed.

ISEA2009 The Exhibition
Ormeau Baths Gallery
Golden Thread Gallery
Redmond Entwistle ‘Red Light’