cultural_capital UPDATE June 2009

Cultural_Capital is a touring artwork that gives attention to the role of curator as carer, and which accumulates bacteria and cultural capital from every venue in which it is installed.

From Tuesday June 16th 2009 cultural_capital is being cared for by Heather Lovelady and Laura Wild at Somewhere Else in Liverpool. They will host an event on Thursday June 25th at which the sour dough will be distributed.

From Thursday May 21st 2009 cultural_capital was being cared for by KURATOR in Plymouth. Joasia Krysa and Geoff Cox distributed the starter at THE INFECTED SEMINAR on Thursday 28 May 2009. Snacks made with the sour dough were served, produced by artist Lau Thiam Kok.

DOCUMENTATION of the event can be found at:.

DOCUMENTATION from Sarah Cook’s time with the sour dough has been uploaded recently and can be found at: