Prod your university into the 21st century

If you look at the criteria by which most peer committees evaluate their faculty, "new media academic" would seem to be a contradiction in terms. Prefer to build social networks or data visualizations than publish in obscure dead-tree journals? Want academic cred for posting to Rhizome? Then push back with these spanking-new guidelines for the Internet age:

"New Criteria for New Media" (white paper)

"Promotion and Tenure Guidelines" (sample redefined criteria)

Combined version (via ThoughtMesh):

Originally developed at the University of Maine for our New Media Department, these standards are starting to get the attention of new media departments in the US and elsewhere. They were just published in the Winter 2009 issue of Leonardo magazine with the aim of stimulating debate. So if you have any comments or questions, fire away!

Still Water–what networks need to thrive.


, Pall Thayer

Rhizome editors, if you're paying attention, this really should be published to the front page.