Hi this is faraz here indeed spam is a problem nowadays as people are only signing in to put down their links and ads thats so wrong. One must look into the matter first as to what is the site dealing with and what is the subject and than go through the topics.
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, faraz

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, Rick Blackmon

I guess I don't understand your post. I like to browse and read the posts and do so, otherwise I wouldn't have found this one. A person that posts on a topic and participates in a meaningful discussion is not spamming. The key is whether the post contributes to the conversation. What bothers me most are the forums where no matter the topic, the poster or topic is flamed by someone, usually with a poor command of the English language unless you consider profanity.
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I tend to agree with Rick here above. I'm not sure I understand your post either. I also agree that someone who is participating and having an on-topic conversation or discussion is not spamming. It is a great thing to discuss various topics, issues, concerns and see the valuable opinions and positions. This is also a great way to learn on topics you may have little to no knowledge on. I have found that sometimes these discussions answer many questions that may linger. The things that bother me more is when someone just says hello, I agree. They don't contribute their opinion or thoughts on the matter. Just a real short tidbit that doesn't really offer any position, answers or much. I guess spamming may also mean a little different something to someone else.


, Jonas Cronfeld

I also have to agree with the others on spamming. If the comment is relavent and respectful then what does it matter if they leave their link? Many times what they have to say is quite interesting.