Drawing parallels between the use of bacteria and culture in traditional breadmaking and the self-organising and generative condition of network art, Cultural_Capital is a transformational artwork in which a sour-dough starter is created and grown in the gallery; cared for by the curators.

Cultural_Capital is currently being cared for by Beryl.


, Kate Southworth

Beryl Graham distributed the sour-dough at an event on Tuesday 24rd March.
Cultural_Capital is currently being cared for by Sarah Cook

, Kate Southworth

Cultural_Capital (glorious ninth, 2009)

From Friday April 3rd 2009 Cultural_Capital is being cared for by Michelle Kasprzak at home - a top floor flat in a tenement in the Dalry area of Edinburgh.

The starter will be distributed at a dinner on Wednesday April 15 2009, which will be held to welcome Stelarc to Edinburgh

On Friday 3rd April 2009 Sarah Cook distributed the sour-dough starter on her journey to Edinburgh. In Edinburgh one portion of the sour-dough starter was given to Michelle Kasprzak to care

Curators' documentation from Beryl Graham can be accessed at: