Gamers vs. Art

via Ed Halter's delicious, a thread on an independent gaming discussion board about Mark Essen's inclusion in "Younger Than Jesus":;prev_next=prev#new

Some choice quotes:

"I wish that people would stop talking about "art games," though. I think it's a really harmful label, because it sets them apart from all other games and, to me, suggests both that these "art games" are somehow niche products/creations and that every other game is somehow incapable of being art, or possessing some quality of art."

"flywrench is cool but calling it modern art is insulting it a little. games are better than art because they are simply more"


, Ceci Moss

The conversations on Gamasutra in response to Ian Bogost's posts on art and games have been really interesting and in the same vein…You see respondents similarly resist the classification of games as art, primarily because they view "art" as a high brow category and do not want games to be viewed or received in that manner.