Go Ahead, Touch Her

It is unfortunate that what could have been a commentary on video, privacy, and fame's effect on one's ability to control their image turned into a post using sexual violence victim-blaming language, "touch [her] body…[she's] certainly asking for it." This is additionally inappropriate when you consider that Mariah Carey has been in abusive relationships herself. Now we're going to say that by putting out a music video - even if the opening porn theme was distasteful on her part - you have to expect that people will mock you and then blame you for their offensive remixes and language? Why isn't Mr. Laric held accountable for remixes he facilitates, and why is Ms. Olsen using such atrocious innuendo in this post? When was the last time any other marginalized group was spoken about in such a way in a news posting, and did people then also look the other way or not even notice? Having people remix a song, let alone your image, can be uncomfortable enough (and no, I don't believe that's the "price" of fame, another victim-blaming "she asked for it" type of way to justify lewd behavior). Having people laud your melange as forward-thinking art is quite another. It was the most uncomfortable thing that came into my email inbox all day.