New Rhizome Exhibition: 01-01-01

I curated this Rhizome Exhibition of fine art from the Artbase. All selected artworks were added to the Artbase on January First, Two Thousand and One. I don't see the exhibition showing up anywhere else on the site so here it is. Enjoy!

BTW… Rhizome has assigned an exhibition number of "121" to this exhibition. My guess is that this Rhizome Artbase Exhibition Number was automatically derived through an algorithm which adds the number "1" to the previous exhibition number. This Rhizome Number is probably not related to the Exhibition Itself. Just a heads up.

Steven X. Read


, Steven Read

Dear viewers of this thread which relates to Rhizome Artbase Member-Curated Exhibition Number 121 which relates to the date 01/01/2001,

Upon further inspection of possible Rhizome Artbase Member-Curated Exhibition Number generation algorithms employed by the Rhizome system, I have not been able to confirm that the number 121 was derived by adding the Number "1" to the previous Rhizome Artbase Member-Curated Exhibition Number. If you look at other previously created Member-Curated Exhibitions…
…some have numbers which are even HIGHER than the number "121", which is truly impossible if you think about my previously suggested Exhibition Number Generation Method. I am very sorry for that mistake in assumption. I am baffled by the Artbase Member-Curated Exhibition Number Generation Method which is employed currently by Rhizome. It doesn't seem logical that the Generation Method would SUBTRACT the Number "1" each time a new Exhibition is created, or even DIVIDE BY, nor does it seem likely that the Exhibition Number is derived from star alignments or Rhizome Discussion Post Count Numerology, and so I will need to investigate this further.

In addition, the 01-01-01 Exhibition, which uses algorithmic curation techniques, may have a problem. This Member-Curated Artbase Exhibition states that these are Art Works which have a CREATION_DATE of 01-01-01. However, I am unsure what this date actually means. The Artbase system also employs a date artifact called PUBLICATION_DATE. At this point in time, I do not know if these Art Pieces were actually created by an Artist on January 1st, 2001, or if a Rhizome Member merely typed that date into a web form field, at his or her own convenience, without further verification of the accuracy of said Art Creation Date Information, or if this Date is merely the Date when it was first SUBMITTED to the Rhizome Artbase by aforementioned Rhizome Member, only to be later reviewed and/or edited further, up to a point in time which must surely be no later than the previously mentioned Published Date assigned by the Rhizome System Internals. Therefore, I can only tell you that this Member-Curated Art Exhibition was created based on Creation Date information, and that this information is currently of an unknown quality.

Steven Read