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Conference Information:

Slipstream - contemporary attitudes to the photographic image

Wednesday November 5th to Friday November 7th, 1997
The Racecourse, York, England

Photo 98 and Impressions gallery are co-hosting the conference
'Slipstream' in York this November. Slipstream will look at the new
prominence of photography within contemporary art practise. Slipstream
will examine some of the horizons which now reveal themselves in terms
of audiences, communities and new sites of display. Slipstream will
explore the frameworks that flow from contemporary photography in our
fast changing culture with reference to identity, technology and mass

Slipstream is a conference for all practitioners, curators, exhibition
organisers, editors, writers and critics who engage with photography as
an art form. Chaired by Dr. David Alan Mellor, speakers include Andres
Serrano, Jorma Puranen, Bonk Business Inc, Val Williams, Joanna Lowry,
Rankin (Dazed & Confused magazine), Gilane Tawadros, Graham Gussin and
many others.

During the conference there will be presentations of new video and
digital work, free Internet access, trade stands and a music/projection
event featuring DJ Beaumont Hannant on Thursday night.

For more information and booking forms, contact:

Photo 98
Kirklees Media Centre
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