mem_brane event: Medien Kunst Aggregate

mem_brane event on 5 July 1996, 19.30 hrs:

Media Art Aggregates

A discussion on the working conditions in the field of critical media art

There is a welcome slow-down in the current media discourse. The
hype-driven tendency towards futurologist speculations about technological
developments is replaced by inquiry and hesitation. Where in the current
media ecology are the critical points of intervention for art to initiate
openings, turbulences, breaks, fluidity in a force field characterised by
homogenisation and solidification? What are the practical, political and
aesthetic implications of a conception of art that is no longer based on
'artwork' and 'intention', but that is defined by notions like project,
process, networking? Unavoidable also the question for the ethical
dimension of the usage of technology.

With: Margarete Jahrmann, data artist, mamax Vienna; Knowbotic Research,
artists group, mem_brane laboratory for media strategies Cologne; Michael
Krome, media art gallerist, Schipper-Krome Cologne; Nils Roeller, theorist,
Kunsthochschule fuer Medien Cologne; Pit Schultz, media worker, nettime
Berlin. Curated by Andreas Broeckmann, V2_Organisation Rotterdam. (The
discussion will be held in German.)

Info and reservations:
Im Mediapark 5b
D-50670 Koeln
tel. +49-221-4543278

Medien Kunst Aggregate

Ein Gespraech ueber die Arbeitsbedingungen im Bereich kritischer Medienkunst

Es findet eine willkommene Verlangsamung des Diskurses ueber Medienkunst
statt. Die bisherige Notwendigkeit, sich vom Hype um die technologische
Entwicklung in futurologische Spekulationen treiben zu lassen verkehrt sich
in ein Zoegern. Eine Mischung aus Ueberdru