Desire by Design Book Proposal

The 'Cutting Edge' group is investigating leading edge
developments in design and media technologies, design
and media theories and feminism. There are eight members
of the group, five from the University of Westminster and three
from outside institutions. We have created a forum for research
and the generation and publication of research papers.

In May 1995 the Cutting Edge Gender Territories and
New Technologies Research group ran a symposium
"Desire by Design" at the University of Westminster.
The symposium and one day exhibition
explored feminist perspectives on design and technology.
The proposed book will include the key note papers from
the symposium as well as contributions from women at
the forefront of critical debates both in Britain and abroad.

Desire by Design Book Proposal


The publication will focus on questions of gender in relation to the new
emergent electronic technologies. It will bridge the gap between a range
of disciplines and develop a wide perspective on how the new technologies
are cutting across conventional disciplinary boundaries and will reshape
what have been distinct areas of study by exploring the relationships
between technologies, the body and territories.

The book will be of interest to people concerned with visual
representation, design and architecture, digital media, women's studies,
mass communication, computer science, engineering, sociology, history of
technology, and cultural studies. It will also inform those working within
the design and curating of exhibitions etc, etc….