New Online Distributed Learning Zine

SunSITE@UTK is centered around the idea that emerging Internet
technologies, and in particular Internet-based communication tools, will
enable us to build new types of fertile and active learning communities
involving people who are widely dispersed geographically. The creation
and development of such distributed learning communities is a guiding
theme of SunSITE@UTK, and we are in the process of building a
concentrated hub of information and software that contributes to their
growth. As part of that process, we are initiating an online magazine
tentatively entitled DLC Journal.

Our initial plan is for each issue to include:

*Editorials and papers aimed at giving readers a holistic view of the

*Groups of papers around a central theme (educational MOOs, wireless
connectivity, access issues, e.g.)

*Technical review and updates

*Case studies and first-person accounts

*New and Noteworthy


The Journal will be "published" quarterly, with feedback, letters to the
editor, annotations, links, updates and corrections added more
frequently. The contents will be available in html, ascii (e-mail) and
print. Back issues will be available for public reference at
SunSITE@UTK. While we wish to make the Journal as accessible as
possible, we will also explore ways in which emerging technologies
(online chatrooms, annotation applications, etc.) can be used to make
the Journal more interactive. Our hope is that eventually the Journal
will evolve into a refereed publication.

The audience we envision is a broad one: laypersons and professionals
alike working in the field, those of all ages participating in
distributed learning communities, academics, technicians and
programmers, as well as those who sit back and ask themselves, "What
does it all mean?"

We are now in the process of assembling an Advisory Board for DLC
Journal, and we are looking for volunteers. The primary responsibility
of the Advisory Board is to further refine our vision as outlined above
and to ensure that the Journal is meeting the goals it has set out for
itself. Board members will also help review submissions and will be
encouraged to write for or solicit articles. (Although the Board will
be responsible for allocating the work necessary for this undertaking,
SunSITE@UTK is committed to providing whatever support staff is
necessary for its success.)

If you are interested in participating in this Project, or if you would
like to recommend someone who might be, please contact me at