new media show at Postmasters

"Can You Digit?" was an exhibition of digitally-based art
held at Postmasters Gallery from March 16 to April 13, 1996.

The show featured approximately 40 works, many by West Coast
artists and designers with close ties to Silicon Valley.
According to the show's organizers - Tamas Banovich and Ken
Coupland - "a growing number of artists and designers have
figured out how to capitalize on the explosive creative
potential of the digital realm to produce work that is both
aesthetically significant and conceptually challenging. More
people need to realize that."

The projects were displayed individually, one-per-monitor,
on approximately 25 screens. Also included in "Can You
Digit" were two larger installations: "Variations on
Cryptography," a project by a group i/o360 which explored
some of cryptography's practical and non-practical
manifestations and methods of encryption; and "The Dead
Souls," an interactive virtual reality game-adventure by
Janine Cirincione and Michael Ferraro.

Artists and artists groups who were represented in the show
included: Erik Adigard/M.A.D., Laurence Arcadias, Aufuldish
& Warinner, Kevin Sawad Brooks, Ursula Endlicker, Tirtza
Even, Ken Feingold,, Ebon Fisher, Perry Hoberman, Ben
Haller, Brad Johnson, Craig Kalpakjian, Alan Keahey, George
Legrady, Stephen Linhart, Gerard Lynn, Mark Madel, Lev
Manovich, Thomas M*FCller, post tool design, pixelpeppy,
Erwin Redl, bigtwin, Terbo Ted and others.