La Censure Intellectuelle (Intellectual Censorship)

Mixed media and postmodern, the authors of this exhibition/performance
operate at the junction between awareness of art history and a willingness
to approach a modern world. This is embodied by the use of contemporary
technology. Image, object, body and communication. Integrating photography
and video by touch up and mixing create the raw material permitting the
expression of banality. The images are processed according to their
destination, whether a sculptural conception or a large video screen. From
that moment, invited to a metaphor of a gesture (by a banister, a keyboard
key, new technologies), the visitor confronts himself in many ways.

Multiple media (texts, musics, images, videos) and interactive performance,
with up-to-date content, la Censure Intellectuelle. The basic idea derives
from several shorts Art Video Advertising created by Christian Globensky,
commentaries on media hypocrisy and misinformation in history and our
contempory life. At the outset man writes and recites his own history,
saying it outloud. Quickly, the computer starts to do it itself, speaking
and making its own interpretation of the text. But with his creative power
and new interface technology, the human element prevails, with man
integrating technology organically to create a new film, a new tragedy with
his own advertising.