The End of the Unimaginable (Abstract)

The text cheerfully suggests that the digital age has come
to an end and that we are about to enter the 'memetic age'.
The reductive ideology of the binary code that ruled the
digital age has been superseded by a first glimps of
polymorphous, heterogeneous singularities called 'memes'.

The author criticises the digi-biologistic notion of memes
which equates them to pseudo-genes carrying and spreading
the contents of human culture. Rather, he suggests that
memes exist as singular forces on a stratum separate from
the current human-digital biotope, and that humans should
learn how to parasitically benefit from the heterogenic
energy produced in the transient event of molecular-memetic

The text concludes with a suggestion for
an 'aesthetics of the heterogeneity' according to which
artists should strive for the development of disruptive,
counter-intuitive interfaces.