Cia Rinne: archives zaroum

Cia Rinne: archives zaroum
Ord i =F8jet (Words in the Eye) =96 New Nordic Visual Poetry #3

Afsnit P ( proudly presents archives zaroum =96
a new digital work by the Finland-Swedish poet and artist Cia Rinne.
archives zaroum is an archive consisting of 29 animated and
interactive visual poems. The project is a reworking of Rinne=92s
collection of visual and concrete poetry zaroum, published in 2001.

Cia Rinne, born in Gothenburg in Sweden 1973, grew up in West Germany,
and lived in her parents' native Finland for 13 years before moving to
Denmark in 2007. She holds a MA degree in philosophy. Cia Rinne writes
visual poetry and conceptual pieces, using simple drawings and different
languages, and at times incorporating the pieces into installation
works with found objects, as in the installation Indices =96 first
shown in an old synagogue in Romania in 2003.

Besides her poetic work, Cia Rinne has been working on documentary
projects together with the Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen.
Rinne and Eskildsen's latest collaboration documents the life and
situation of Roma in seven different countries, between India and
Finland. The project has included longer stays with the Roma,
and has been presented in the books The Roma Journeys and Die
Romareisen (Steidl Publishers 2007). Until February 10, Nikolaj =96
Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, presents an exhibition of Joakim
Eskildsen's photographs from the project.

archives zaroum is the third part of a Nordic trilogy of contemporary
visual poetry, Ord i =F8jet (Words in the Eye) on the Afsnit P website.
The series is curated by Christian Yde Frostholm and Karen Wagner and
is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund, Fondet for Dansk-Svensk
Samarbejde, and Kulturfonden for Danmark og Finland.