Meet the Melonheads: 4

We live online between the black river and the great
depthless lake. Power lines skitter across our
periphery, trying not to be noticed, but failing for
all of that: I wake to take pills and cigarettes into
these transformations; I wake to literature of the
ripple and lap of the riverbank.

I'm still there throwing rocks out of the house I was
evicted from.

Down on the street where the babies shine, proper
nouns flourish. Serious health risks may develop if
you take this product with caffeine. Force a
misbehaving application to quit, and by this time
she's listening to music; below my feet, below the
floor, bass winds narcotic sinews around sense.
Sometimes I think all any of you want is to hear
pretty talk and sleep within soft logic, like babies.
In November we enter the season of howling land. Winds
pick up banshees and screams can be heard winding
narcotic sinews around sense. Thing is, I'm an uptown
man myself. I love to stand still vibrating at the
speed of your brain and my brain combined. There's
always a first step into the woods at night.

Lewis LaCook
Director of Web Development
Abstract Outlooks Media

Abstract Outlooks Media - Premium Web Hosting, Development, and Art Photography - New Media Poetry and Poetics
Xanax Pop - the Poetry of Lewis LaCook

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