Eyebeam Eco-vis Challenge - Deadline extended - Reminder


Eco-Vis Challenge at Eyebeam
Imagine better ways of living:Picture ecology and be in the draw to
win cash prizes and exhibit at Eyebeam

Not only is there an environmental crisis, but an environmental data
crisis. Viewing statistics on environmental change is usually
overwhelming, unintelligible, hidden and dense. Eyebeam invites
artists to collaborate with technologists to redefine what the future
of tracking and visualizing the environment could be.

Eco-Challenge 1 // Deadline November 12th (DEADLINE EXTENDED)

Eco Icons invites participants to create one or more information
graphics that could be used to make visible environmental or
ecological concerns. Thematically, these are icons that engage the
politics of information and the persuasion of graphics.

Eco-Challenge 2 // Deadline December 8th // Upgrade Nov 8th

Eco Vis focuses on the creation of an eco-visualization based on at
least one set of the ecological impact data. Your job as an
"eco-visualizer" is to reveal the not so obvious or to suggest
alternative frameworks. We are employing an open definition of
eco-visualization. We encourage both traditional data visualization
alongside works that use different means than a graph or chart. We
are interested in inciting artists, scientists, designers, and
engineers to move data from the spreadsheet into the world. The world
is architecture, the world is the Internet, the world is urban
streets, and the world is trees and dirt. Go engage the world.

Winning designs will be awarded cash prizes and, along with finalists,
be included in an upcoming Eyebeam exhibition.
Jurors include:

Martin Wattenberg, artist and researcher
Casey Caplowe, co-founder and creative director of GOOD Magazine
Brooke Singer, artist and Associate Professor, Purchase College/SUNY
Michael Mandiberg, Eyebeam R&D Fellow, and Assistant Professor,
College of Staten Island/CUNY

This challenge is an initiative of Eyebeam's Sustainability Research
Group and has been crafted by Research Group members and Eyebeam
Alumni, Michael Mandiberg and Brooke Singer.

Full info and online entry form at