Invitation to my new Art Blog

Hello to all of those who are reading this.
I have a new Art Blog.
It is actually not that new, it is very old (a few months).
It is the 'Message Box Blog' containing nothing but messages for you.
It is not entirely ABOUT messages per se, but I have some proof that there is a distinct probability that at least some of the messages will indeed be about messages that may or may not be going to you and about whether you really care or not about these messages.
Some of the information is about nothing at all, some is very very important to read.
But this is not your inbox, this is my outbox, so sorry - no RSS/feeding.
I think we've all had quite enough to eat.
Maybe it is not a true 'blog' at all, but it is certainly a 'log on the web'.
Blogs are like so Web 1.5, but finally I started one anyways.
Because I enjoy and am influenced by and am grateful towards so many other art bloggers out there.
And also because it provides a framework for my impatient, scatterbrained tendencies.
Well there are so many good art blogs out there with relevant information which help build communities and networks of varying kinds.
I am not so sure about mine.
The content on the blog is a carefully controlled percentage of mostly my own stuff, here a little found stuff, there a little doctored stuff.
The boundaries thereof, are part of the 'fun'.
Most content is text-based, because Google and the like cannot index the pixels of an image or video (yet).
Perhaps I didn't mention that I also created the blog to lure in unsuspecting search surfers.
Why would I want to do that?
I guess I don't see that as being much different from urban/street art.
Except that I'm tagging my own private property, not someone else's.
That is an entirely different story.
You see, this is a non-conceptual blog after all.
But it really does seem to be all about me, which is not very typical of art blogs, but is very typical of art.
Or is it?
Perhaps it is really all about you.
I am also self-promoting this blog now.
Fox News was supposed to do a bit on it, and the bastards canceled.
Conan O'Brien too…
Thank you for putting up with this.
-Steven Read