A new video on Simparch Clean Livin'

Paula and I were out at CLUI's Wendover Utah complex this summer working
on the Silver Island Bunker Trail and had to chance to visit with Steve
Badgett of Simparch (Matthew Lynch being the other Simparchian). There
is of course a great deal of art that tries to *say* something about the
environment and sustainability - older models where the artist
"represents" something and agency is supposedly transferred into the
world through the effects of consciousness raising and the assumption
that audiences will act on or change their behavior based on the
artist's message. One of the reason's Simparch is so interesting is that
they have to a large degree emphasized doing something over pedagogies
or messaging - really doing something productive in their art and
architecture practice. Of course, this is not new, Beuys and Lacy come
to mind. But Simparch's work goes a little beyond productive social or
dialogical engagements like cleaning up the forest or getting
communities to talk with each other - they also cross into applied
research that might someday help us all live. Clean Livin' is as Badgett
describes it a "Proving Ground" for "Soft Technologies" and their
application in a "Ghetto Biosphere" at the Center for Land Use
Interpretation facility in Wendover Utah. Nance Klehm was also there
working on composting systems for the unit… I hope you enjoy.


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