The monolith at the beginning of september


Username and password. Why do you call me sir sir? At
the beginning of my day I make enough cigarettes. For.
Not until the paperwork is finished. Your heartbeat
serrated these prisms of aching leaves. Just look
behind you. Stumbling on uneven concrete a spill of
timber light whitening painful birds stripping
tongues. There's thick glass in through I call out to
you I call and talk five minutes. Then the crickets
switch keys go up a whole step and you can still hear
the mill. The moon a wedge of anemic lemon grinning. I
could even be watching TV through your window with you
thickens near the atop loose shoes. Urban brands up to
70\% off and shit. However many churches there have
been in the world ahead of you someone walking hidden
straining to plant those shanks of run light in you
let him to air conditioned to continually eulogize
seeking distinct units. The moon sucks at another
empty parking lot up on the cracked concrete
shimmering in the sweats of summer's last sugar.
There's a used car lot at the corner of your bruised
fruit. Broadway feed and pet supply paterson 1920
gyros & more closed for repairs charleston car washes
inc. Could we interlace the sound of traffic with
kissing? You do know it's 90\% humidity out where an
abanoned shopping cart slits the sky burning away all
the weather. Crickets pound a sleighbell beat on
weight. The spiders are tethered to threads and
gliding. I park where reflectors summon mailboxes out
of the night's bath. It's busier on tuesdays. Cars
nightriding leave a garland stink of honeysuckle
behind. Renaming dislocates. Those deep purple clouds
skimming above us have surely slipped out of their
cuffs. Gills open in the road swimming anonymous cars
red the corners to townhomes littered and lit-up but
when no-one moves it gets darker. You're broken
somehow but fixing you breaks you even more. I
distinguish horizon because its deep softness
excommunicates me.


Lewis LaCook
Director of Web Development
Abstract Outlooks Media

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