Net Artist's Power Shift

Mark Napier in the news…

See the first comment posted by some corded poodle:

"Computer art is the bane of art. It means nothing except the guys who
make it are clever. It's just a half step above "Big Eye" paintings and
to make it worse it's boring, boring, boring. Wired is scraping the
bottom of the barrel."

I often find this kind of self-confident ignorance amusing. (I know it
well, living in and as a citizen of the US. It is not always amusing…)
But it does highlight the dearth of public knowledge about the
astounding diversity of computing arts practices, or of art in general
for that matter. For some of which the most adventuresome can be said to
have moved so far away from the image or the screen or the projection or
the white cube that one wonders whether the cordedpoodle or the typical
wired writer would even recognize it as "computer art". Anyway, fwiw.

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