Mediaterrae VOL.1 - Irpinia Electronic Landscape



"Mediaterrae Vol.1 - Irpinia Electronic Landscape" is a project that
aims either at a cultural and territorial promotion and at an audio
/video production. The event is produced by Gal Verde Irpinia in
collaboration with Media Terrae film commission. Conceived as a
yearly meeting where the art of audio/video production is the main
focus, MediaTerrae is a project created in order to offer for each
year new topics, new territorial visions, new volumes.

Its first edition sees the creation of a residence project, a live
event and finally the production of a DVD. Fourteen international
artists will be selected and hosted in Irpinia for a period of five
days (from the 19th to the 23rd February) The residential project
aims at the constitution of a creative base among the selected
artists which will be the starting point for the production of seven
audio/video tracks that will eventually be part of the "MediaTerrae
Vol.1 - Irpinia Electronic Landscape" dvd, including a documentary
film. This dvd will then be produced and freely distributed (10.000
circulation copies) with the July-August issue of the magazine

The participants will spend few days in the little town of
Montemarano during its suggestive and peculiar carnival, while
MediaTerrae Crew will follow the artist in order to facilitate the
video, audio and text documentation of the carnival itself, necessary
to the later audio and video productions. The locking up of this
first phase of the project will see the creation of a live event, aka
"MediaTerrae Night" that will take place Friday 23rd February in the
Teatro Carlo Gesualdo in Avellino.
During this free event, it will be possible to assist to live sets of
some of the artists involved in the project; these performances will
give anticipation on the artists' ownreading of Montemarano's
Carnival and on their own experience in the Irpinia territories.

MediaTerrae Night will give space to several artists:
Rechenzentrum, Deadbeat + Niko Stumpo, Burnt Friedman & Jaki
Liebezeit + Anders Weberg & Robert Willim.

The project will however involve a broader list of international
names. The audio part will be covered by:
Burnt Friedman + Jaki Liebezeit, Rechenzentrum, Deadbeat, Zavoloka,
Populous,, Marco Messina

while the video will see:
Bianco-Valente, Anders Weberg & Robert Willim, Niko Stumpo, Alex
Dragulescu, Riccardo Arena, Jeffers Egan.

The project artistic production is devolved upon Interferenze - the
international festival of new arts, in collaboration with Soundabbast
- booking and management
together with the authorial and executive production of Ufficio
Bifolco. Curator for the project video section is Valentina Tanni.

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