roch forowicz“Looking out of the window” Pr=
oject and concept by roch forowicz The “Looking out of the window=
” project describes the daily environment the place whereI live.Sti=
ll in the same flat my whole life; I really feel this environment well an=
d I know it very exactly.Every part of this project has been recorded out o=
f the same window of my flat. Every single part of this series was publishe=
d in the Internet monthly.Every part describes a different story about di=
fferent kinds of problems.Knowing them from my surrounding, I am confronte=
d with them in my daily life. People who share with me this environment usu=
ally escape from problems into watching TV.This people in common especially=
like to escape to commercial drama series strongly influenced by human psy=
chology.The “Looking out of the window” project done in 200=
6 wants to remind that the“real dramas” are happening in r=
eal life; outside in front of the window.The posters been set up in public=
spaces afterwards the recording has been completed.The function of the pos=
ters should be and was to affect people to see the project’s websi=