My first 2007 message.

Dear Rhizomers,

Let's start 2007 with a little bit of fun, the world is so hard nowadays,
let's forget violence and war and injustice for a while…

The Snowmen Congress: , go down by the scroll bar.

Some new snowmen arrived to the congress, including a delegation of Santas
and a SNOWWOMAN !!! (Try to find her…)

Eduardo Santos (I am sure that the congress will be suspense because of the
problems with the air service in Brazil nowadays)

Jeremy High (another cool and refreshing project……nice… hope this
fits: a snowman from Texas ……….was fun to make)

Martha Deed ( One could say the snowman shows the universality of the
holiday spirit. That would sound rather pleasant. Or – you could say the
illustrates the homogenization or the erasure of cultural differences and

Patrick Burgaud (Hearing about an important worldwide snowmen congress, we
wish to send a large delegation of various snowmen.)

Paulo Villela (a Rio's 40 degrees melting snowmen)

Reiner Strasser ( a delegation of cakes cooked Santas)

… and much more!

Send your snowman or woman (photo, text, draw, movie or animation) to
[email protected], subject: Snowmen Congress, deadline: January

All best,