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Lesson plans: learning net


In Burns and Martin's recent organic-exchange workshops, the psychic has moved onto the realm of the corporeal, opening the potentially new field of paraphysiology. Exhausting the performative possibilities of psychological inquiry via media therapy, electroshock treatments and paranormal intervention, their hybrid methods guided by other worldly beings have evolved into promising new treatments via physicality amalgamation and post-sexual fission. Begun in underwater think tanks and laid out on plasma screen syllabi, the professors of dynamic group learning are preparing to open mobility schools where willing participants free themselves from the conventions of everyday bodily activities as part of an alternative learning process. However, due to the popularity of airport and wireless communication these new corporeal identities of psychic phenomena may in fact become entangled within net manifestation. Through on-line resources, participants are guided through therapeutic conversions developed to dissolve psi-plasmic blockage in order to reap the harvest of accelerated information exchange.