Critical Conversation in a Limo

I have uploaded 3 segments of Critical Conversations in a Limo, a project that I curated with the help of cooperation of many people. The project is a moment in art, a movable salon, an experimental spac. There will be a article in Artes in the next issue–see Works on Words.

Most segments are about 25 minutes. Here are the links to the first three:

Carol Parkinson and Richard Kostelanetz

Holly Block

Julian Zugazgoitia

Segments that were hosted by: Anne Barlow, Peter Frank, Jan Herman, Carin Kuoni, Orlan and others will be uploaded shortly.

Holly Crawford

This could be a project fot CHAT, Announcement, or work.

Holly Crawford Dec. 16 2009 16:26Reply

Thank you Daniel for linking WPS1's interview of Flatland Limo. His link to Critical Conversations in a Limo and Sound Art projects ended here. For information on those two projects go to All the video will be screen in AC Closet 2010 and at the University of Essex in Fall 2010.