Fwd: Monkeytown AV performance tomorrow night

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From: zach <[email protected]>
Date: Oct 25, 2006 2:22 PM
Subject: Monkeytown AV performance tomorrow night
To: [email protected]

Hi…wanted to send out an invite for a show I'm performing at
tomorrow night at one of the greatest and most wonderful venues on the
planet, Monkeytown. As you may or may not have known, they have been
in danger of closing…but we will not allow that to happen and are in
the process of setting up efforts to ensure this incredibly important
space continues to survive. You may be asking yourself, well…how
can I help? Well, you can Buy a Monkeytown Gift Card, just in time
for the Holiday season. They look and feel like credit cards and they
can put any value on them ($25, $50, $100, or $300). They will be
valid beginning January 2007 thru December 2007. Also, there will be
a monkeytown benefit coming up in december…all the info can be found
on the monkeytown website: www.monkeytownhq.com.

Anyway, info regarding tomorrow is as follows:

Thursday, October 26
Showtimes: 7:30 and 10pm
Admission: $7
reservations are recommended

Misinterpretations A/V
A night of misunderstood fragmentary dreams, and languid subterranean
worlds of sound and light, curated by 2& from San Francisco. Featuring
works by Luke Dubois, Zach Layton + Chika Iijima, Shimpei Takeda +
Melissa Clarke, Randy Nordschow, and 2&. Misinterpretations A/V is an
event focused on fabricated worlds of visual texture which bump and
grind against noise and fluid sound. In the reverse panopticon style
of Monkey Town (audience seated in the middle surrounded by giant
video screens) these artists will take us all to strange new places.

2&: fundamentallysound.org/2&
Randy Nordschow: nordschow.com
Chika: www.chiklet.com
Zach Layton: www.zachlaytonindustries.com
Luke Dubois: www.lukedubois.com


, Shimpei Takeda