Rhizome's annual Community Campaign has launched!

Dear Rhizomers,

On October 17th, Rhizome launched our annual Community Campaign. We are
trying to raise $25,000 by December 31st. This amount is absolutely
essential to our survival and growth this upcoming year. We are hoping to
reach ths goal through membership contributions and individual donations
of any size.

Last year, your contributions helped us invest significant organizational
time in making our system more open and inclusive. We did this by
enhancing our new membership policy, re-designing the site, launching a
blog, and adding much needed tools, like advanced search, that make
Rhizome content more accessible and indexical. We also went through a time
of real change, with the entire staff turning over and a rapid increase in
participation in our programs and traffic to our site. These signs of
positive growth have also brought additional administrative and technical
demands upon our already overextended staff.

This year, we are hoping to enrich our site in several ways, with an aim
to make it more collaborative and dynamic for users and easier to sustain
for staff. We are planning to do this by introducing back-end tools that
will make site management easier. We are also planning to develop
resources like the ArtBase and implement more areas for our community to
exchange ideas and projects online. One of Rhizome's key strengths,
historically, has been its role as a virtual meeting ground for people of
diverse backgrounds who are interested in the various intersections of
contemporary art and new technologies. In our anniversary year, we ask
that you support us as we work to make Rhizome even more of a resource to
the global new media art community.

Please consider renewing, joining for the first time, or making a donation
of any size. Donors at the $50 and higher levels will be thanked with
limited edition works generously donated by an exciting group of new media
artists, including Brody Condon, Kristin Lucas, Lovid, MTAA, RSG, Rick
Silva, and Lee Walton.

More information can be found here:

Thank you for your ongoing support.

All the best,
Marisa, Lauren, and Patrick