Looking out of the window

What can you see when looking out of the window?
Now you can watch online a new brave and provocative drama series.
The next video comes up every month.
Every video is recording from the same window at Roch Forowicz’s fl=
at in Warsaw.
"This is not about crime and this is not about love, this is just about env=
ironment where I live."
part 5. " Classic Bench "
Roch Forowicz was born in 1978 in Warsaw.
He works and lives in Warsaw.
In 2005, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,
the Department of Multimedia, and got the master degree.
2004 e w n s Visual Arts Festival
2005 Rhizome, “ Invigilate “
2005 Turbulence, “ Invigilate ”
2006 Rio File Symposium, “ Invigilate ”
2006 Turbulence, “Environment “
2006 Turbulence, “ Looking out of the window ”