ISEA/ZeroOne on Youtube

In my position my primary responsibility is undergraduate education. I
did a lot over the course of the past year to convince our undergraduate
students that going to festivals like zeroOne and generally looking at a
lot of art (and reading rhizome!) are important ways to understand
emerging new media art world(s) which are constantly in flux. Not
surprisingly, I saw a great many UCSD students in San Jose, but
interestingly and probably not surprisingly, I only saw our *graduate*
students. I did not see one of our undergrads (that I knew), even after
a year of communication with them. (And, indeed, many of our students
are from San Jose or the South Bay Area.) This left me wondering how I
could use ops like isea/zeroOne (which only rarely come to our relative
neighborhood), as teaching opportunities for undergrads.

After the conference was over, I started searching around youtube and
realized that looking at isea/zeroOne through the lens of youtube is a
pretty good way to get some sense of the variety of practices that
constitute new media. So I put some selected youtube videos on a page
that I will show my large intro lecture classes this year as part of an
introduction to new media. (I expect it to change as more is posted…)
Much of the documentation is raw, often unedited clips from cell phones,
but having been there the various clips do seem to constitute some
reasonable sample of what what a very large festival with over 400
artists is like… and indeed youtube also filled me in on some of the
events I missed, (like the dj/vj work at the Glo nightclub.)

Anyway, for what it is worth:
Of course, searching for isea or zeroOne on youtube is a better
interface for exploring.


Brett Stalbaum, Lecturer, PSOE
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM)
Department of Visual Arts
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