bare performance

Dear friends,

I would like to thank all of you for the excellent material I have now to an
essay (perhaps a book) I intend to write about listserver. In fact all of
this was a performance that started last March, perhaps last December the
idea has started to develop… As an anthropologist the behaviour of people
on the net has an amazing interest for me. During these four months I gather
all the "nice" and metaphoric emails I have received. Sometimes I got scared
with the reactions but I always think that I had to go ahead. Thank you all
but special thanks to Beate (I admire greatly your obstination! uauuuhr ;-))
and Dirk and the Marie Antoinette creator (I love this!) and Manik, who I
love deeply not only because of their works but because of their sense of
humour and frankness. Valia com dios!

In fact, since 2004, I have started to observe the listserver phenomena and
the deep communication among different lists. Is it I believe that
it is.
What do you think?

The other thing that moved me to do this is that people always discover in
my works things (usually terrible) that were not in my mind while creating
them. I imagine that if I sent today a work to rhizome which could be a
black square and a white apple, people would see a symbol of terror or
anything similar. I laugh when I saw the first page of rhizome today.

I believe that I have to tell you that all of this is my idea and the same
about my works and games, where you always see hidden intentions. I am the
only GUILT for them, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Lately I
created my other personality (a heteronymic, just like Fernando Pessoa)
which adventures provokes a revolution at netartbehaviour and no reponse at
spectre. Why? I do not know. Now Holophagus is offline, but I intend to
re-launch him with new adventures when the essay is ready. By the way Manik
I did not fall into a bonsay trap , I saw it but I thought that it was time
to discover my face because of some signs sent by Marc through his emails.
It was not my intention to provoke problmes, only cyberdreams ;-).
If someone is interested I should tell where I discover the idea of the
holophagus and the origins of his name.

To conclude I would like to invite you to make peace and sunshine in rhizome
and around us. My apologies if my performance disturb your peace.

Please, believe in me, I am not perfect as all human but I have kindness in
my heart, as everybody in rhizome, I am sure.

Love you all,

Regina Celia Pinto,

Museum of the Essential and Beyond That

Library of Marvels

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