Dear friends,

I would like to thank all of you for the excellent material I have now to a=
n essay (perhaps a book) I intend to write about listserver. In fact all of=
this was a performance that started last March, perhaps last December the =
idea has started to develop… As an anthropologist the behaviour of people=
on the net has an amazing interest for me. During these four months I gath=
er all the "nice" and metaphoric emails I have received. Sometimes I got sc=
ared with the reactions but I always think that I had to go ahead. Thank yo=
u all but special thanks to Beate (I admire greatly your obstination! uauuu=
hr ;-)) and Dirk and the Marie Antoinette creator (I love this!) and Mani=
k, who I love deeply not only because of their works but because of their s=
ense of humour and frankness. Valia com dios!

In fact, since 2004, I have started to observe the listserver phenomena and=
the deep communication among them. Is it net.art? I believe that it is. Wh=
at do you think?

The other thing that moved me to do this is that people always discover in =
my works things (usually terrible) that were not in my mind while creating =
them. I imagine that if I sent today a work to rhizome which could be a bla=
ck square and a white apple, people would see a symbol of terror or anythin=
g similar. I laugh when I saw the first page of rhizome today.

I believe that I have to tell you that all of this is my idea and the same =
about my works and games, where you always see hidden intentions. I am the =
only GUILT for them, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Lately I creat=
ed my other personality (a heteronymic, just like Fernando Pessoa) which ad=
ventures provokes a revolution at netartbehaviour and no reponse at spectre=
. Why? I do not know. Now Holophagus is offline, but I intend to re-launch =
him with new adventures when the essay is ready. By the way Manik I did not=
fall into a bonsay trap , I saw it but I thought that it was time to disco=
ver my face because of some signs sent by Marc through his emails. If someo=
ne is interested I should tell where I discover the idea of the holophagus =
and the origins of his name.

To conclude I would like to invite you to make peace and sunshine in rhizom=
e and around us. My apologies if my performance disturb your peace.

Please, believe in me, I am not perfect as all human but I have kindness in=
my heart, as everybody in rhizome, I am sure.

Love you all,

Regina Celia Pinto,

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