ArtBase Submissions


As Patrick May has mentioned in his last few Director of Technology
reports, we had a few problems with the ArtBase, beginning immediately
after the launch of the redesigned website, and continuing through the
server crash and our recovery from it.

Patrick's been focused on remedying the situation, and it looks like we're
on track. However, I'm now trying to play catch-up on submissions that
were blocked at various stages.

If you've submitted a piece in the last few months, and have not had a
response, or if your piece was approved and you're waiting for it to be
"turned on," please email me. Getting back up to speed may take a bit, but
I want to work with you on this and I thank you for your patience and

If you don't mind keeping this subject line intact and cc'ing
<[email protected]>, I would greatly appreciate it. In addition,
including the title of your piece and the ArtBase object number (if you
have it) will also be quite helpful.

Thanks so much and all the best,

+ + +
Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator at Large at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art