ICAM Lecture Series: Heather Raikes, Thursday May 18th, 6PM, ucsd

Please join us for Heather Raikes (bio below) who will be our guest for
the ICAM Lecture series presentation on May 18th at 6PM, CENTER 115,
UCSD. She will give a talk titled "New Media Performance Laboratories:
Discovering New Dimensions of Language and Storytelling".

For more information, please see:

Heather Raikes is a new media/performance artist who has been exploring
new media poetics, telematics, contemporary semiotics, dance/technology
synthesis, and technoetic performance forms for more than a decade. She
has founded and directed several visionary new media/performance
collectives, including Neopoetics, Harakti Multimedia, Gemini
Performance Project, and the Temple University New Media Performance
Lab. Her repertoire of original work has been exhibited nationally and
internationally, and includes new media performances, installations,
video, electronic text, visual art and interactive media design.

Raikes' work has been shown at such venues as HEREArt (New York), Clark
Studio Theater at Lincoln Center (New York), San Diego Museum of Art
(San Diego), Pixelraiders (UK), International Festival of Performance
(Barcelona), Philadelphia Fringe Festival Dance/Technology Program
(Philadelphia), Aaron Davis Hall (New York), and Inscriptions in the
Sand (Cyprus). She has performed at venues such as the American Dance
Festival, Jacob's Pillow, The Joyce Theater, and the New York Downtown
Arts Festival.

Based in New York from 1991-2000, Heather began her artistic career
dancing with the legendary Erick Hawkins Dance Company while completing
a Master's Degree in Digital Multimedia from New York University's
Interactive Telecommunications Program in Tisch School of the Arts. The
synthesis implicit in this foundation fueled her explorations of dance
and technology, new media poetics, multi-sensory communication, and
technoetic embodiment. Raikes' work in New York included collaborations
dancers from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Martha Graham
Dance Company, Erick Hawkins Dance Company, Bessie award-winning Red
Dive Artists' Collective; dance/technology pioneers Troika Ranch, John
Crawford, and Lisa Naugle; sculptor Ulrike Heydenreich; composer Rima
Fand; painter Eric Wolf; designer Masataka Suemitsu; photographer Tony
Dougherty, and visual artist Alison Cornyn. She has studied extensively
with artists Anne Bogart, Richard Shechner, Cathy Ward, and Lucia
Dlugoszewski and semiotic theorists Marshall Blonsky and Frank
Lentricchia. Additionally, Raikes was a founding partner of Silicon
Alley design collective Media Farm and lent a substantial hand to
building the Web in the 1990s.

Since 2000, Raikes has held positions at Temple University as New Media
Producer-In-Residence, Assistant Professor of New Media, and founding
Director of the New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration. She is
currently at the University of California San Diego, where she is
Innovation Coordinator for Sixth College: Culture | Art | Technology,
Research Associate with the Center for Research in Computing & the Arts
(CRCA), and Media Design Associate with the California Institute for
Telecommunications & Information Technology (Calit2).

In her university positions, Heather Raikes has produced pioneering
collaborative innovations in new media and performance. cosine,
developed in the Temple University New Media Performance Lab, was a
collaboration between the School of Communication and Theater, the Tyler
School of Art Architecture Program and the Esther Boyer College of
Music. The collaboration explored the architecture of the rheomode, a
concept derived from quantum physics, and manifested an integrated
media/architecture performance environment that orchestrated four
digital video/animation projections on mobile architectural surfaces,
seven live performers, physical choreography, paintings, photographs,
and a three-dimensional 26-layer sound collage that spiraled dynamically
around the audience. cosine had a highly successful run of performances
at Temple and at HEREArt Mainstage in New York. The project's
documentation was published and presented in the US and Europe, and
received the American Communication Journal's Article of the Year Award.

At UCSD, Raikes has developed Innovation Seminars and Resonance Webs
that are forging new digital pedagogical approaches to Sixth College's
interdisciplinary theme of Culture, Art and Technology. Raikes also
served as a core collaborator on Adriene Jenik's Specflic 1.0. As a
Media Design Associate with Calit2, Raikes conceptualized and produced
an interactive video work on Calit2 Culture in collaboration with
Stephanie Sides, Simon Penny, John Crawford, Lisa Naugle, Bill
Tomlinson, Ruth West, Sheldon Brown, Miller Puckette, Brett Stalbaum and
Gabriele Wienhausen.

Raikes' most recent artwork, flower, a poetic exploration of technoetic
embodiment, was presented in performance at the San Diego Museum of Art
and in New York at the Merce Cunningham Studio in late 2005. It is
currently being distributed via video podcast and will be screened
internationally in upcoming festivals in 2006. Raikes' current work
involves refining and codifying a new media poetic vocabulary in
conjunction with performative explorations in telematics, computer
vision, motion capture, nanophysics, experimental narrative matrix, and
the technoetic body.

You can visit her website at http://www.heatherraikes.com/.

Brett Stalbaum, Lecturer, PSOE
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM)
Department of Visual Arts
9500 GILMAN DR. # 0084
La Jolla CA 92093-0084