Article - a nordic biannual exhibition for unstable and electronic artforms

* Article *

- a nordic biannual exhibition for unstable and electronic artforms

* Call for artistic contributions *

i/o/lab and the curatorial team of Article hereby invite you to submit
proposals for artistic work and conference talks to be included in Article

We are interested in productions from areas including but not limited to:

- interactive objects
- work for mobile devices
- video or concepts for broadcast television
- internet-based work
- installations for public spaces
- installations for gallery spaces
- public actions
- social events
- workshops

We are primarily interested in completed productions but will give equal
merit to incomplete/suggested work and proposals in the evaluation of

Article wishes to present work which is either site- or context-specific, or
intended for traditional display spaces, work which explores and exploits
the potential for artistic expression in everyday surroundings and objects.

The artists/groups we invite will receive artists fees and funding for
travel and board. We will also offer some production support, technical as
well as financial.

Article will be launched in the last half of November 2006.

* Call for conference contributions *

Article will be accompanied by a one-day conference, covering the topics of
the exhibition and the field of unstable and electronic artforms. We are
interested in contributions in the form of presentations/talks on subject
areas relevant to the practice and theory of art in this field.

* About Article: *

Article is one of the main projects for Stavanger 2008 - European Capital of
Culture. Article 2006 will be a pilot project for the 2008 installment, but
also to underline that Article is intended as a biannual event BEYOND the
scope of the European Capital year.

Article will be comprised of: a main exhibition; a conference related to the
themes of the biannual; in-depth practical and theoretical workshops and
seminars; and contributions from local resources and other collaborative

The goal of Article is to promote artforms which don't merely employ
electronic techniques in its production and display, but also actively
comment on technology, the ethics and politics of technology and the
evolution and dissemination of technology. Article wishes to establish an
open arena for artforms which critique and engage social processes and
present reflected positions on the expressive qualities and contexts of the