Commissions issue

Dear RAW,

We found that there was a discrepancy in the forms used for
commission proposals: the word form capped the proposal description
at 50 words whereas the online form allowed for 500. This was
corrected before our server crash, but unfortunately the older
version was restored from backups.

We evaluated the voting across all proposals, and discovered that
~20% of the 500 word proposals are receiving approval while ~15% of
the 50 word proposals are receiving approval. This slight bias might
relate to factors that have nothing to do with the length of the
proposal, but as the bias is there and as there was a discrepancy
between our two forms, we contacted the 18 artists who submitted
descriptions < 50 words and provided them an opportunity to send us
updated descriptions.

We have updated their proposal, noting the change and the
circumstances of the change. I would like to ask that Commissions
voters take a moment and review their votes at:

Thanks for your understanding.



Patrick May
Director of Technology
phone: (212) 219-1288 x202
AIM: cyclochew
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