The GIF Show, Rx Gallery-SF, opens May 3

Hello. I wanted to let you know about an exhibition in San Francisco,
which is collaboratively presented by Rhizome and Rx Gallery. Below is
the text of today's Rhizome News piece, announcing The GIF Show. I'm
excited to say that the show features a combination of very active
artists and a few exceptionally talented artists for whom this is
their first exhibition.

I hope that some of you can attend the opening (which will feature
live music & visuals by Eats Tapes & Nate Boyce!), but if not perhaps
you'll help us spread the word by becoming Myspace friends with the
exhibit! :)

Best regards,

The GIF Show, an exhibition opening May 3rd, at San Francisco's Rx
Gallery, takes the pulse of what some net surfers call 'GIF Luv,' a
recent frenzy of file-sharing and creative muscle-flexing associated
with GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format files). Curated by Marisa Olson
in a West Coast Rhizome collaboration with Rx, the show presents GIFs
and GIF-based videos, prints, readymades, and sculptures by a range of
artists, including Cory Arcangel, Peter Baldes, Michael Bell-Smith,
Jimpunk, Olia Lialina, Abe Linkoln, Guthrie Lonergan, Lovid, Tom
Moody, Paper Rad, Paul Slocum, and Matt Smear (aka
893/umeancompetitor). GIFs have a rich cultural life on the internet
and each bears specific stylistic markers. From Myspace graphics to
advertising images to porn banners, and beyond, GIFs overcome
resolution and bandwidth challenges in their pervasive population of
the net. Animated GIFs, in particular, have evolved from a largely
cinematic, cell-based form of art practice, and have more recently
been incorporated in music videos and employed as stimulating
narrative devices on blogs. From the flashy to the minimal, the sonic
to the silent, the artists in The GIF Show demonstrate the diversity
of forms to be found in GIFs, and many of them comment on the broader
social life of these image files. The opening is sure to be just as
lively, with music by Eats Tapes and visuals by Nate Boyce. Spread the
luv! -

+ + +
Marisa Olson
Editor & Curator at Large at the
New Museum of Contemporary Art