2006-2007 Rhizome Commissions Program


The voting for the 2006-2007 Rhizome Commissions Program has begun.
Voting is open to Rhizome Members. If you are eligible, please go to:


If you care about which proposals and which art you want to see
supported, please take the time to vote!

I have emailed all the candidates, and asked them:

+ not to participate in list discussion on any of the work under
+ not to change their proposal sites during the discussion in an
attempt to win more votes.

For those voting, please pay attention to whether each proposal
actually meets the requirements of the Call For Proposals:

+ these commissions are intended to fund (in whole or in part) new
works or new elaborations of/additions to existing work.
+ these commissions are intended for works that take the internet as
their primary vehicle for production

Finally, note that we are starting the voting 2 weeks later than
planned. This round of voting will last until May 2nd. For more
information about the voting schedule or process, please check:




Patrick May
Director of Technology
phone: (212) 219-1288 x202
AIM: cyclochew
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