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Lauren wrote:
Hi Manik,

I don't understand what the issue is here is - You are waiting for a cloned=
artwork. I'll have to look into this and get back to you.

All best,

MANIK wrote:
Problem's when we try to find MANIK's name in cloned object section on Rhiz=
ome.org-we couldn't find it!
You remember those thinks(like this example below)?Cloned object?Sound fami=
liar?You Director of Rhizome.org,we members,wake up slowly and please try w=
ith your jokes with somebody else.Just do your job,we doubt that somebody f=
orce you to take directors place.So be Director,don't try to be funny.And,y=
es,problem is that we waiting for your"I'll have to look into this and get =
back to you."four month.We want to finished(finally) our affair with cloned=
object,and we are amazed with your essential naivete.

Remember this?

Rhizome.org <[email protected]>
Tuesday, August 23, 2005 2:44 AM
RHIZOME_RAW: Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase

Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase …

+ East Art Map +
+ +

The project "East Art Map - A (Re)Construction of the History of Contempora=
ry Art in Eastern Europe" was initiated in 2001 by the Slovenian artist gro=
up Irwin. The "East Art Map" (EAM) aims at critically (re)constructing the =
history of art in Eastern Europe between 1945 and the present beyond ex-Soc=
ialist 'official' chronicles, national legend formation and fragmented info=
rmation present in the West. The concept reads: "Every single move by an ar=
tist in Western European civilization is documented. Did you know there is =
no such thing in Eastern Europe? […] This was so for decades, but it does=
n't have to be like this anymore. We are planning to transform the legends =
and stories of the underground into a legal art history. […] History is n=
ot given. It has to be constructed."

+ + +


East Art Map Online is a tool that will lead you through the last 50 years =
of the history of visual arts in Eastern Europe.
You will get to know 250 artists/events/projects that are considered of maj=
or importance by the 24 invited art critics, curators and artists from the =
different ex-socialist Central, Eastern and South-Eastern countries invited=
to make an initial selection for the EAM.
East Art Map Online is now open for contributions by its users.
You are invited to participate in the selection of the ten most important a=
rtworks or crucial art projects from every country of Eastern Europe since =

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, Marisa Olson

Well, hello, Manik. Thanks for the friendly emails.

Your piece has been turned on:

As Patrick explained to you, via email, your clone took a bit longer
for him to process, because of the server issues. We have, basically,
a one-person tech dept and he's incredibly swamped with many pressing
issues. This is why he explained to you that it would be a while.
Also, because of the server issue and other, older tech issues, I
didn't receive notification that your piece was ready to turn on. A
quick email, sent directly to me, can usually solve such problems

Patrick will soon be sending out a DT report, to Raw, outlining the
Artbase issues and the status of other tech things, for anyone who is
interested. We are still having some issues with the Artbase, but
Patrick's working hard to resolve them.

All the best,

On 4/19/06, manik <[email protected]> wrote:
> Lauren wrote:
> Hi Manik,
> I don't understand what the issue is here is