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Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts - Current Practice Lecture
Series at UCSD Spring 2006 *Free and Open to the Public*
All lectures are from 6-8PM.

UCSD, The Department of Visual Arts and the Center for Research in
Computing and the Arts are proud to present the 2006 interdisciplinary
Computing and the Arts Lecture series.


***Sabine Himmelsbach April 13th CalIT2 Auditorium ***
Before coming to Oldenburg Sabine Himmelsbach headed the exhibition
department at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe from 1999
until last summer, where she curated numerous exhibitions and programmes
of events on contemporary and new Media Art, among others the
exhibitions "Coolhunters: Youth cultures between the media and the
market" and "Resonances: The electromagnetic Bodies Project". From 1996
to 1999 she managed the exhibition projects for "steirischer herbst,"
the annual art festival at Graz, Austria. Over the last years she has
published specifically on new cultural forms that have developed within
new media and on the presentation of Media Art.

***Anne-Marie Schleiner and Luis Hernandez April 20th CalIT2 Auditorium***
*Anne-Marie Schleiner was born in 1970 in Providence, Rhode Island. She
received a BA in studio art from the University of California at Santa
Cruz in 1992 and an MFA in computers in fine art from the San Jose State
University, California in 1998. She presently lives in Boulder, Colorado
and is an assistant professor of fine art at the University of Colorado,

In addition to being a gaming artist/designer, Schleiner operates in a
variety of roles as a writer, critic and curator. Her work has been
extensively exhibited internationally at media festivals and selected
group exhibitions of Schleiner's work include TechnoSublime, Colorado
University Art Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder (2005); Killer
Instinct, The New Museum, New York (2004); Media City Seoul 2004, Seoul
Museum of Art, Korea and the 2004 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of
American Art, New York.

Additionally, Schleiner has curated several online exhibitions of game
mods and add-ons including Luckykiss (2000) and Cracking the Maze: Game
Patches and Plug-ins as Hacker Art (1991).

*Luis Hernandez has a bachelor degree in Engineering and Architecture
from Escuela Superior de Arquitectura, Mexico City. With space as a main
concern, his work ranges from virtual architectures to instalation or
videogame intervention.

He co-founded Heterarquia, dedicated to architectural experimentation
and low-tech, developing a proposal for an interactive surface, an
interactive pavillion (second prize, Third Arquine Competition) a
low-cost shelter for homeless, a proposal for an Interactive
Hypersurface inserted in Mexico City (shortlisted, Miami Biennal 2004),
amongst other projects. Commissioned for a public installation produced
as an artist in residence in Sala del Cielo, Centro de la Imagen and
shown as part of 'Vitrinas/ public art' program.

Commissioned by rhizome.org to produce Oversaturation, as part of the
2004 commissioning program. Collaborator with Anne-Marie Schleiner to
produce 'Corridos', commissioned by inSite\_05 for it's Scenarios part,
produced as an Artist in residence at CRCA. His work has been exhibited
at FILE festival, Sao Paulo; Microwave Festival, Hong Kong; the New
Museum, NYC and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, amogst others.

***Garnet Hertz April 27th CENTER 115***
Garnet Hertz is a Fulbright Scholar, Research Fellow at the California
Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, and is a
doctoral student at the University of California Irvine. He also holds
an MFA from the Arts Computation Engineering program at UCI and has
completed UCI's Critical Theory Emphasis.

His current interests include the history, theory and practice of
electro/mechanical art, computing, media theory, digital/internet art
and robotics. He has shown his work at several notable international
venues including Ars Electronica and SIGGRAPH and is also founder of
Dorkbot-Socal, a monthly Los Angeles-based lecture series on electronic art.

Popular press about his work is widespread, disseminating through 25
countries including The New York Times, Wired News, I.D. Magazine, The
Washington Post, Slashdot, NPR, USA Today, NBC, CBS, TV Tokyo, ZDTV and
CNN Headline News.

***Miller Puckette May 4th location TBA***
Miller Puckette obtained a B.S. in Mathematics from MIT (1980) and Ph.
D. in Mathematics from Harvard (1986). Puckette was a member of MIT's
Media Lab from its inception until 1987, and then a researcher at IRCAM
(l'Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Musique/Acoustique, founded
by composer and conductor Pierre Boulez). There he wrote the Max program
for MacIntosh computers, which was first distributed commercially by
Opcode Systems in 1990 and is now available from Cycling74.com .

In 1989 Puckette joined IRCAM's "musical workstation" team and put
together an enhanced version of Max, called Max/FTS, for the ISPW
system, which was commercialized by Ariel, Inc. This system became a
widely used platform in computer music research and production
facilities. The IRCAM real-time development team has since reimplemented
and extended this software under the name jMax, which is distributed
free with source code.

Puckette joined the Music department of the University of California,
San Diego in 1994, and is now Associate Director of the Center for
Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA). He is currently working on a
new real-time software system for live musical and multimedia
performances called Pure Data ("Pd"), in collaboration with many other
artists/researchers/programmers worldwide. Pd is free and runs on Linux,
IRIX, and Windows systems.

Since 1997 Puckette has also been part of the Global Visual Music
project with Mark Danks , Rand Steiger , and Vibeke Sorensen , which has
been generously supported by a grant from the Intel Research Council .

***Achim Mohne May 11th CENTER 115***
Land Art Media Artist

***Heather Raikes May 18th CENTER 115***
Heather Raikes is a new media/performance artist who has been exploring
new media poetics, telematics, contemporary semiotics, dance/technology
synthesis, and technoetic performance forms for more than a decade. She
has founded and directed several visionary new media/performance
collectives, including Neopoetics, Harakti Multimedia, Gemini
Performance Project, and the Temple University New Media Performance
Lab. Her repertoire of original work has been exhibited nationally and
internationally, and includes new media performances, installations,
video, electronic text, visual art and interactive media design.

Raikes' work has been shown at such venues as HEREArt (New York), Clark
Studio Theater at Lincoln Center (New York), San Diego Museum of Art
(San Diego), Pixelraiders (UK), International Festival of Performance
(Barcelona), Philadelphia Fringe Festival Dance/Technology Program
(Philadelphia), Aaron Davis Hall (New York), and Inscriptions in the
Sand (Cyprus). She has performed at venues such as the American Dance
Festival, Jacob's Pillow, The Joyce Theater, and the New York Downtown
Arts Festival.

***Steve Durie May 25th CENTER 115***
Steve Durie is an artist, teacher, digital media producer and designer.
He has worked on numerous individual and collaborative projects
involving digital media, installation, music and performance. These
works have been installed in traditional gallery/museum environments,
the public art sector as well as corporate venues.

Steve currently is a lecturer at San Jose State's Cadre Laboratory for
New Media. He teaches a variety of classes in the Digital Media Art
program where the curriculum focuses on the development of the studio
art practice informed by the discourse in information technology and

***Rachel Clarke June 1st CENTER 115***
Rachel Clarke is a digital media artist and is Assistant Professor in
Electronic Art in the Art Department at California State University,

Clarke has exhibited internationally and throughout the United States.
In fall 2003, she curated a show of national and international artists
using new media, entitled Postflesh: Visualizing the Techno-Self at the
University Library Gallery, Sacramento State University.

Exhibitions include a solo exhibition at the Center for Contemporary
Art, Sacramento (upcoming: 9/06) A World Away, a solo show at Auburn
University, Alabama (1/06) Endless Forms: Engaging Evolution at
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2/06) Light in the Dark, Space
Gallery, Portland Maine, "a collaborative work with Sam Parsons (1/05)"
and the IDEAS exhibit at the International Digital Media and Arts
Conference, Orlando (3/04).

***Sheldon Brown and the Experimental Game Lab June 8th Location TBA***

Brett Stalbaum, Lecturer, PSOE
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major (ICAM)
Department of Visual Arts
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La Jolla CA 92093-0084

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