Director of Technology's report, March 2006

Hello everybody!

This is Patrick May, the new Director of Technology at Rhizome.
During the month of February, Francis trained me on everything Re:
Rhizome. He's done a great job with the site, and his truly
professional handling of the transition process has allowed me to hit
the ground running.

Over the last month and a half, I updated these areas of Rhizome:

== ArtBase Submission and Approval
The ArtBase submission and approval process is almost entirely
managed through email. The notification system that updated both
Marisa and the artists was disrupted by the redesign process.

Email can be an unreliable medium, and I'd like to make sure the
submission process isn't disrupted by any future problems with email
notifications. I developed internal web-based tools to help us keep
track of ArtBase submissions. I am developing a web-based tool so
everyone can track and manage their own ArtBase entries.

When this is released, I hope that the ArtBase submission process
will become more transparent and easier to navigate.

== User profiles
There was some confusion as to whether one had to be a member, or a
user, to update one's bio, resume, and thumbnails. Since this
information is accessible for users (via Artbase or RAW posts), we
removed all restrictions on editing this information.

== Payment Process
We re-arranged the payment process to only require a billing address
if one is paying by credit card on the Rhizome site. Additionally,
there were "Internal Server Errors" from the credit card processing
form that have been corrected. If you experience any problems with
registration, please don't hesitate to email us:

[email protected]

== Organizational Subscriptions
I worked on our internal tools for tracking and delivering
organizational subscriptions. This should lead to more reliable
service to these organizations.

Well, that's it for now. I hope to report on some exciting projects
soon, I'll keep in touch :-)



Patrick May
Director of Technology
phone: (212) 219-1288 x202
AIM: cyclochew
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